Photo Credits

None of the photo’s on this blog are my own.  All my photo’s were carefully chosen because I thought they suited my blog and because each one had something about it that caught my eye.  Since I’ve used them on twitter too, I think its only fair to credit the photographer where possible.  Without photographers kindly sharing their work free of charge you’d have to suffer my photography and that’s never a pretty picture.

They have all been sourced from apart from the book covers which in the main come from Amazon.  Hope they don’t mind, I always link my reviews to the Amazon site.

Featured image for textThe lovely coffee and an open book photo is by Studio 7042 on



pexels-photo-206563The Photo at the head of this page from Pixabay via



white teddy bear reading book

The gorgeous cute little teddy studiously reading his book. Again from Pixabay via  Photographer Oldiefan