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Too many brews and 3 years later

It’s 3 years ago today since I set up this blog and joined Netgalley. I didn’t think I could ever keep something going this long but the time has flown by and I’ve read some brilliant books.

At the beginning of this year, it really was my intention to read some of the books I’ve bought over the last couple of years but we’re more than half way through this year now, and I still haven’t managed to achieve that. There is always something tempting popping up either in a Netgalley email or direct invitations from the publishers and always sounding just too good to turn down.

I’ll always be grateful and appreciative of the publishers and authors who share their books on Netgalley prior to publication. It’s given me the opportunity to read books I might otherwise never have even seen, and has certainly opened up opportunities for reading many genres that I might not have tried.

Then there’s Twitter. If I wasn’t quite so addicted to whiling away far too many hours on there I might get a few more books read but booktwitter is such a great place to hang out and there are some lovely bookish people on there.

And of course, not forgetting followers of this blog who are so kind in sharing some of my reviews on Twitter – thank you for that, it is very much appreciated. It’s something that I need to concentrate on a little more, since I spend so much time on Twitter, I don’t always manage to find time to check on the blogs of those wonderful book bloggers who I follow.

As for writing reviews, well. Sometimes the words just flow, other times I really struggle but it doesn’t always necessarily mean the more I enjoyed a book, the easier it is to write a review. Perhaps the book has a very twisty plot, in which case it is really difficult to say very much for fear of giving something away, or I might have been so in awe of a story that nothing I say could possibly do it justice. Either way isn’t it just an absolute joy when an author tells you that your review has made their day, or as occasionally happens, they say it brought a tear to their eye – aw, it’s lovely to share the love of a good book.

So anyway, here’s to a fourth year and lots more brilliant books to read. For the next couple of weeks I’m going to tweet links to some of the older reviews on here. After all a book is for life, not just publication day so it will be nice to share some older books to some potential new readers. We can’t read everything that turns up on Netgalley, I know I’ve kept a note of many a book that I’ve fancied reading but just couldn’t fit in at the time.

β™₯ Happy Reading β™₯

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