The Wife who Got a Life by Tracy Bloom

This is a real laugh-out-loud book which really cheered up my days whilst I was reading it.

About the book

Cathy Collins is a mum on a mission – to change her life.

When her husband drops a midlife-crisis bombshell,
Cathy decides it’s time to take control.

No more laundry, teenage tantrums or housework.
After years of putting herself last, she’s going to be first for a change.

Cathy Collins is carving a new path, and nothing is going to get in her way…

From No.1 bestselling author Tracy Bloom, The Wife Who Got a Life
perfectly captures the joyous chaos of family life.

What I thought

It’s the start of a new year and Cathy’s sister Lizzie has given Cathy a motivational diary for Christmas. Lizzie is Cathy’s older sister and lives in LA enjoying a privileged life. She thinks Cathy’s life is getting a bit staid and could do with livening up and kindly encourages Cathy to set some goals that are all about Cathy and not Cathy’s role as mum, cook and bottlewasher.

Even though the thought of taking up running a marathon as Lizzie suggests is far too extreme, Cathy does get to thinking that maybe her life isn’t all that fulfilling and also dreads the thought that the menopause is looming on the horizon.

While Cathy is tackling her goals list month by month, her husband Mike is busy having his own midlife crisis. He’s got himself a life coach. Not only has this wonder woman persuaded Cathy’s husband that ditching his well paid consultancy job in order to go back to Uni and train to be a teacher is a good idea, she also suggests Cathy could go back to her old career in corporate finance full time in order to support the family while Mike becomes a student again.

It’s a tale of midlife, when we question what life is really about and am I doing what I really want to do? In Cathy’s quest to rid herself of some of life’s irritations and stop her husband from sending her back into a workplace she would really like to avoid there are some hilarious situations that Cathy finds herself in. This book had me laughing out loud most of the way through with some brilliant characters both within the Collins family and outside of it. Cathy has some wonderful friends and there are more poignant moments in the book as well as lots of humour.

I’m sure it’s a narrative that women of a certain age with teenage children preparing to leave the nest and having been in a relationship for more years than they care to remember will completely identify with. A five star read that I absolutely loved.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

♥ Happy Reading ♥

Thank you to Harper Collins for an advance copy of this book via Netgalley.

The book publishes next week on 29th April and is available on Kindle and in paperback.

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