The Best is Yet to Come by Katy Colins

Thank you to HQ for the invite onto the blog tour for this wonderful heartwarming story from Katy Colins published 18th March. Remember to check out the other tour reviewers to see what they thought of this brilliant book

About the Book

Sometimes it’s the things we don’t say that we need others to hear the loudest . . .

Izzy has always taken everything in her stride but motherhood is proving more difficult than she thought. She keeps telling herself it’s just a phase but the dark clouds are starting to appear.

Neighbour and widower Arthur might be in the winter of his life but he’s not ready to be packed off to a care home. He’s determined to do things his way.

When Izzy hears about Arthur’s big move, she offers to help. But Arthur isn’t telling her the whole story. It takes courage to admit you need a friend and when you feel invisible, all you need is a ray of hope. After all, what if the best is yet to come?

An emotional but ultimately feel-good novel about love and friendship for fans of Richard Roper’s Something to Live For and Lia Louis’s Dear Emmie Blue.

What I thought

This is a lovely, heartwarming story but also very sad in places.

Never more so than right now, with all our social distancing and isolating, has the circumstances we find ourselves in highlighted how easy it is for people to find themselves out on a limb. Feeling cut off from everyone else with no one to talk to and feeling very much alone.

Izzy is a new mum. Her husband works long hours, leaving Izzy feeling very much alone looking after her newborn baby daughter. It’s hard being a new mum, no sleep, a baby that seems always to be crying, never knowing if she’s ‘doing it right’ and struggling to ever get out of the front door to go anywhere (who knew a new baby could need so many things just for a trip out to the shops). It’s even harder when you have no immediate family living nearby to help out and Izzy misses having her own mum to give her tips and some friendly encouragement.

85 year old Arthur lives alone. He lost his wife Pearl a couple of years ago and life just hasn’t been the same for him since. As well as feeling terribly alone and missing his wife, age seems to be catching up with Arthur too. His only family is his nephew who pops by from time to time to check up on Arthur. But after one fall too many, his nephew worries that Arthur shouldn’t be living alone, rattling around in his house. Perhaps he would be better off in residential accommodation where he would have 24 hour help on hand should he need it.

Arthur and Izzy are neighbours and live in the same street. Events lead them to get together and become friends. Izzy is helping Arthur to do some decluttering in readiness for his move once he’s sold his house. It helps both of them and they enjoy the company of each other. But as the blurb for the book says, Arthur hasn’t told Izzy the whole story which as the book moves on leads to some very poignant moments.

I really enjoyed this story. There are many lighter moments to keep things from getting too sad. The parts where Izzy was helping Arthur to get on top of all his belongings and sort through them almost inspired me to make a start on mine – almost, until I put the book down 😉

I love these intergenerational books with both generations having something to offer the other. Told with warmth and kindness it was a real feel good read and most worthy of five stars I thought.

♥ Happy Reading ♥

Rating: 5 out of 5.

With thanks to the publisher HQ for an advance copy of the book via netgalley and for the tour invite.

The book was published on 18 March and is available in e-book and paperback from Amazon and all booksellers

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