The Split by Laura Kay

A funny lighthearted read that I really didn’t want to end. It cheered up my days no end.

Oh I loved this book so much. This was another Secret Readers choice, which I actually read back in October of last year. I’ve been so excited to share this book ever since. It kept me smiling through the dark and very lonely times of Covid Tier 2 and Tier 3 isolation and left me with hope that once again we might all be able to gather together in crowds and run a marathon, get drunk in a club, and squash together on a tram. It was a joyous escape from the tedium of life in 2020.

About the Book

Brutally dumped by her girlfriend, Ally is homeless, friendless and jobless… but at least she has Malcolm. Wounded and betrayed, Ally has made off with the one thing she thinks might soothe the pain: Emily’s cat.

After a long train journey she arrives home to her dad in Sheffield, ready to fold herself up in her duvet and remain on the sofa for the foreseeable. Her dad has other ideas. A phone call later, and Ally is reunited with her first ever beard and friend of old, Jeremy. He too is broken-hearted and living at home again.

In an inspired effort to hold each other up, the pair decide to sign up for the local half marathon in a bid to impress their exes with their commitment and athleticism.

Given neither of them can run, they enlist the support of athletic, not to mention beautiful, Jo. But will she have them running for the hills… or will their ridiculous plan pay off…?

What I thought

I don’t really go in for Rom-com’s usually but this one completely lacked the usual what I call slushiness of a typical romance. I’m not much of a romantic to be honest so this one was a real pleasure to read. I loved the humour in it, I loved the brilliant friendship between the two central characters Ally and Jeremy. The pace of the story was perfect and the ending was perfect too. Except I didn’t want it to end, because I really did miss the characters when I’d finished.

Meet Ally. Up until the first chapter into the book Ally was living on a canal boat in London with her girlfriend Emily and Emily’s cat Malcolm. Ally had just left teaching because she just didn’t like it and Emily said she’d take care of things financially for a little while until Ally decided what she did want to do.

All that ended rather abruptly when Emily came home and sat down with Ally to have ‘that talk’. Things are not working out between us kind of talk and um yes she’s met someone else – Sara (no H).

Devastated and with nowhere else to live Ally runs home to her Dad and her old family home in Sheffield but not without taking Malcolm the cat along with her. Well why not, Malcolm prefers Ally to Emily anyway, plus it might just make Emily finally come and visit Ally’s home, maybe……hopefully?

With Ally’s Dad desperate to try and stop Ally moping around the house, he suggests she meet up with her old childhood friend Jeremy who Ally hasn’t seen since school. Jeremy is in a similar situation, he’s just been dumped by his boyfriend. He thinks taking up running and competing in a Marathon might make his ex sit up and take notice, he might even win him back and asks Ally to sign up to a half marathon with him.

So sets the scene for the rekindling of a childhood friendship. Ally and Jeremy are good for each other and become the very best of friends. There to listen to each others woes, to come up with suggestions on how to fix life’s problems, plot together on how to win their ex lovers hearts back and encouraging each other to form new relationships.

It’s a funny, heartwarming story of friendship and moving on. I really enjoyed it and would love to see what this author comes up with next.

♥ Happy Reading ♥

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The book is out in ebook format today 22 February and the hardback publishes on 18 March 2021.

Thank you to Secret Readers for the opportunity to read this book prior to publication.

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