Single by K L Slater

It’s paperback publication day for this marvellous psychological thriller by K L Slater. Thank you to Kirsteen Astor via Francesca at Little Brown Books for my review copy.

About the Book

When single mother Darcy’s son falls from a rope bridge at a local playground, life stands still. She clutches his small, limp body, frozen, until a pair of strong hands push her aside, and she watches as George, a local doctor, saves her son’s life.

George is a single parent too, and with his twinkling hazel eyes, easy charm, and lack of wedding band is almost too good to be true, but coffee becomes lunch, lunch becomes dinner, and soon they can’t go an evening without seeing each other. When he invites her to move into his beautiful home with its sprawling garden for her boys, Darcy doesn’t hesitate.

But as Darcy is settling in, she receives a bunch of flowers with a chilling message. George says they’re from an obsessed ex-girlfriend, Opal, and days later Opal turns up at Darcy’s son’s football match. She claims to have shocking information that could threaten George’s custody of his daughter.

Darcy doesn’t know who to trust, but she’s starting to suspect that, whatever the truth, she might have put her beloved boys into terrible danger …

What I thought

Ooh this was a really good book. I loved the ending, very edge of your seat stuff I thought, and completely unexpected too.

I’ve never read any of this authors other books so didn’t really know what to expect, but being her tenth psychological thriller it looks like I’ve missed out on some good books.

Although described as a psychological thriller, for the most part through the story, I personally would have had it down as more a domestic noir, but that’s ok because I always enjoy those. Towards the end though it becomes crime fiction – even better!

As with all my reviews, I’m not going to say too much about the actual story because you don’t want me to give anything vital away. I should know better by now, but probably about 20% into the book I read through some reviews on Amazon. Bad idea because some bright spark reviewer gave away an absolutely vital part of the plot which doesn’t actually come out until way down the line. This really spoiled the big reveal for me.

I didn’t like any of the characters but in this book that’s a good thing. Apart from Darcy’s two children there’s just something about each and every character in the story that makes them unlikeable which creates a very sinister atmosphere. Even Darcy the main protagonist I wasn’t too keen on, but that could have been to do with the spoiler I’d seen.

All in all the writing is good, it moves at a reasonable pace with lots of twists and turns along the way and as for the denouement, well, I must have uttered ‘Oh No!’ out loud about three times it was so completely unexpected, shocking and gripping. I just never expected that ending. I really enjoyed it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

♥ Happy Reading ♥

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