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Vankyo MatrixPad S8 review

Following on from my last post Out With the Old here’s my thoughts on my new Android 8″ tablet. Replacing my Kindle and my phone to have everything e-book related in one place.

Good Value for a budget android tablet

First impressions were that the tablet is very light and not very easy to keep a grip of. I think a gel silicone case would give it a little more stability when holding it if it’s possible to get one to fit this particular tablet.

Setting it up is easy. As stated there is very little preinstalled apart from Android and some google apps, so I can confirm no bloatware or useless apps you’re never going to use. There were a few icons on the screen for radio, calendar etc. The wallpaper on starting up is plain so I thought I’d change it to something a bit more jazzy. The next day I spent well over an hour trying to find out how to access all the apps on the tablet because with the change of wallpaper some of the icons had gone. Being used to an older version of Android I was looking for the six dot app drawer that usually resides at the bottom of the screen which I mistakenly assumed had also disappeared. After much googling and cursing, within a couple of minutes my husband found them! Dead simple, just go to the home screen and drag the screen upwards and there they were all the time 🙄

Other downsides – you will need headphones. There’s a little speaker at the back of the tablet which even with volume turned right up you can hardly hear. With headphones it has quite clear, good sound – perfectly adequate for a little youtube music boogie. On first opening a new app, it doesn’t appear spontaneously, there’s a bit of a lag but nothing detrimental that just a little bit of patience won’t solve, remember this is a budget tablet.

The touchscreen is fine, keyboard brill. I have written this using Swype with few incorrect word formations, unlike my Fire tablet which is horrendous for writing anything speedily without it turning to gobbledygook.

It seems to hold the charge for a good few hours of regular use, has a nightime dimmer accessible from the drop down menu at the top of the screen called eye comfort, perfect for late night browsing or reading.

Oh and I almost forgot, you can set it to come on at a certain time and to turn off at a set time. Great for making you stop browsing/reading late into the night. This is probably an Android function but either way very handy for naughty little night owls like me!

Overall thoughts

For my own use this tablet is perfect. I bought it to use as a dedicated e-reader. It didn’t need to be an all singing, all dancing device. I just want to read books on it but not be tied to just Amazon as with the Kindle. So I can have the Kindle, Kobo and library app all on the one device, along with Nimbus Note (which I highly recommend) for my notes and to-be-read lists. I am really pleased with this purchase and can definitely recommend, at least so far anyway. Hopefully it will continue to be perfect.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The tablet is available on Amazon and is currently £79.99

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