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Out with the Old

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Out with the old…….

I’ve had my Kindle for nearly four years and I’ve always loved it. Of late the battery seems to be slowing down a little in its old age. It comes to us all, myself included, not quite so sprightly any longer. Where it used to live up to its description of lasting a couple of weeks or more on one full charge now it only seems to last a few days.

What to do. I have fallen out big time with Amazon since they stopped me from leaving reviews for anything including books because I haven’t spent enough with them. No warning just sacked, after 16 years loyal custom. On yer bike was their attitude, spend over forty quid with us in a year or you’re not leaving any reviews for anything. This made me more than a little annoyed, I had reached a ranking of #10,180th out of all of Amazon UK for reviewing. Now I have to use my husbands account to leave reviews for my Netgalley books and am ranked at #13,887,474.

Coupled with that I have an Amazon Fire – a 10” tablet. The Amazon App Store isn’t the best. When you can find an app such as WordPress, the developers never update the app in the same way they do Android and Apple. They just leave it there, abandoned, allowing it to fester until it eventually falls far short of its Apple and Android siblings, becoming the runt of the litter so to speak.

……….And in with the new

Even so I couldn’t decide between swallowing my pride and buying the new backlit Kindle or whether to take a chance and buy the new Kobo Nia, the basic Kindle’s rival which is a little more expensive but has more storage. Then I was browsing the Argos Christmas catalogue and thought I know what, I’ll get a small Android tablet and that way I can pop all my eggs in the one basket.

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If I get an Android tablet I can install the Kindle App, the Kobo App, the Secret Readers App, WordPress’s latest properly updated app, try out Netgalley Shelf app, the library app Borrowbox (though it’s rare I get library books) and my new found Nimbus Note app which is brill for note taking and list keeping. And there we have a complete dedicated e-reader and blogging device.

That in turn, would mean I could free up some desperately needed room on my phone (which I love and is absolutely irreplaceable), by taking off WordPress, Kobo, Secret Readers and Nimbus Note. Sooo I got an Android tablet for my birthday and I present you with

Which I’ve decided to review in another post, since I’ve droned on rather a lot on my brightest idea of 2020. Well I think it’s a considerably better idea than anything Boris and his mates have come up with this year don’t you?

3 thoughts on “Out with the Old

  1. I hear you!!! I’m still very much coupled to Amazon, but they annoy the hell out of me. I stopped reviewing books because of their delays, and deleting my reviews, but I’m not there yet to divorce Amazon entirely and give up my Oasis.

    ~ Corina | TheBrownEyedBookworm.com

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    1. They’re all too powerful aren’t they. Most other sites are happy to have reviews whether you’ve bought the book from them or not. Reviews, good ones anyway help to sell more books/goods which can only be good for sellers/authors alike. I can understand you not wanting to give up on your Oasis. Thanks for commenting 😊


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