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Today is publication day for Everybody Lies by Emily Cavanagh and is the first day of the blog tour which I am delighted to be taking part in. To get things started I have an excerpt from the book to share with you to give you a taster of the writing for this excellent book. Thank you to Noelle of Bookouture for the tour invite and an advance copy of the book via Netgalley. If you get chance, do seek out the other reviewers on the tour to see what they thought.

About the Book

It sometimes feels impossible to keep anything hidden in a place like Great Rock. But now they have found that poor girl down on the beach, I realize just how many secrets we’ve been keeping all along.

Evvy has lived on the island of Great Rock all her life. Every year, after the holidaymakers have departed, storms begin to roll in off the Atlantic and the island returns to the small group of locals who, like her, have decided to make it their home.

When a body is found on the snow-covered beach it sends shockwaves through this tight-knit community and rattles Evvy to her core.

The dead woman worked on the island the previous summer and it seems strange she would have been visiting so out of season. What drew her back and who was she meeting? When Evvy learns that her partner,Ian, was the last person to see her alive, the shadow of the murder falls far too close to home.

As the icy weather closes in, the island is cut off from the mainland, and Ian is taken into custody. Rumours about what is really going on in Great Rock reach fever pitch, as Evvy works to prove Ian’s innocence before it’s too late.

But there are things about the people she loves that Evvy doesn’t know or has chosen not to see. The truth might not save the life she has worked so hard to build for herself. Instead, it might tear it apart…

A tense and atmospheric emotional drama that will keep you guessing. Perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty, Diane Chamberlain and Sally Hepworth.

An Extract from the book


The crossing is slow-going. The beach is packed with snow, a thick crust of it left over from a week of storms. Layla’s boots catch as she runs, the heels sinking into the ice. Even as her mind thinks run, her body will not cooperate. The snow, the drinks, the bulky winter coat, the cold air chafing at her lungs, all of these conspire against her, and she moves slowly along the water’s edge. Her lip throbs, and she tastes the coppery flavor of her own blood.

He’s behind her. She can’t see him in the dark, but she feels his presence like a dark cloud gathering force. She hears the crunch of his boots, slower than her own crashing footsteps, but more confident, too. He knows this beach, this snowy climate. He’s at ease in the icy darkness of Great Rock. She is just an intruder here, a foolish interloper who doesn’t belong on a frigid island in the middle of winter. The waves lap at the snowy shoreline. The night is black, a starless sky, the slender scrap of moon hiding behind clouds.

Echoing in her mind is her mother’s voice, chastising her. “You’re reckless, Layla. You need to think first.” Even as a little girl Layla had this problem, jumping head first into the neighborhood pool before she knew how to swim, knocking over someone else’s block tower for no reason other than wanting to hear the crash. Then later, quitting jobs in anger, ordering too many sugar-sweet cocktails on a Saturday night, bringing home men that she regretted even before her clothes were off. “You need to think first, Layla,” her mother’s words echoed.

She will not return home. Even as she tries to run, even as her mind screams escape, even as she chokes in cold gulps of air that burn her lungs, she knows the ending. The fear that fills her body is like a trapped bird, flapping wildly into windows and walls in an effort to get free…

If you enjoyed this snippet from the PROLOGUE of Emily Cavanagh’s EVERYBODY LIES, you can grab a copy here:





♥ Happy Reading ♥

Author Bio

A teacher as well as a writer, Emily Cavanagh lives with her husband, two daughters, and an Australian Shepherd on Martha’s Vineyard Island. Her work has been published in Red Rock Review, Grain Magazine, Transfer, and Martha’s Vineyard Arts and Ideas. Read more about Emily’s work and life at

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