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Seeing Stars

Star Ratings

I’ve started using the new blocks editor on WordPress. I say new, it’s been around for quite a while but whenever I’ve tried it, I just end up getting frustrated with it. As WordPress keep reminding us more and more about using it, I’m guessing it won’t be long before the old editor disappears. So I’ve finally taken the bull by the horns and decided to give it a go. One thing I’ve discovered are stars! So all book reviews from this point on will have between 3 and 5-star ratings. Anything I deem worthy of only 2 or below stars I wouldn’t even bother writing a review for as it’s just obvious that book really wasn’t for me. I can even do half stars – the world is my star-filled oyster.

Amazon Reviews

In mid-May when I went to Amazon to post a review for a book that had just been published I was a little puzzled to find it wouldn’t allow me to post my review. It said I didn’t qualify to post a review at this time. Hello? I’ve been posting reviews on a regular basis for the best part of two years. I thought perhaps it was because it was brand new and by a high profile author. So I tried with a couple of other books – still a no. I then tried leaving a review for a book I had actually purchased myself from Amazon rather than a Netgalley read. Wouldn’t let me post that either.

Apparently I haven’t spent sufficiently enough with Amazon in the last 12 months which must be a minimum of £40. I’m not paying to leave reviews, which is effectively what Amazon are asking of me.

I’m not entirely sure how this is going to leave me in requesting books from publishers via Netgalley if I’m unable to leave reviews on Amazon for the books I read. However, my stubborn heels are firmly dug in and I refuse to be dictated to by Amazon, especially when I’ve had a fairly active account with them for the last 16 years.

Instead, I’ve set up an account with Kobo and from here on in I’ll leave a review on Kobo and continue to leave all my reviews on Goodreads which is very popular with readers, reviewers and authors. (although, yes I know Amazon owns Goodreads too)

It annoys me when huge companies like Amazon take steps such as this with no negotiation and no right to appeal or state your case, it’s really no way to treat your customers. How about you? Have you come across this situation? Would you give in and spend some more money or would you take exception to having your long-standing loyalty thrown back at you?

New Look

Lastly, how about the new look? I’ve had fun playing around with these new blocks, though I think probably my book reviews will be going back to the usual format, at least for the time being. Apart from the stars of course.

Oh and you might notice to the right of the page my new Netgalley badge for 50 books reviewed. I’ve been really excited to get that!

Thanks for reading

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