Secret Readers



Free Books!

Who doesn’t love a freebie?  With Secret Readers you can choose an e- book, completely free of charge in exchange for your thoughts after you’ve read it.

You may have seen invites going around to join Secret Readers to get a free book. Hachette UK are behind the Secret Readers but my invite came from Orion Books. I signed up back in February but they’re always looking for new readers to join up.  So I thought I’d tell you a little more about it and see what you think?

How it works

The idea is you’re presented with a selection of books. Mine were in the crime fiction genre, which to be honest isn’t my immediate go to genre choice but I was curious about this whole Secret Reader thing and had already missed out on it back in December as I already had a lot of books to read.

You can read up to 10% of each of the books on offer.  Once you pass the 10% point you can then only read that one book.  This gives you the chance to have a quick read of the first few pages of each book before you decide.

You then get just under a couple of months to read your chosen book. You can read it completely online via either the app available for Android and iOS or you can read via your web browser. If you get the app I think you can download the book to read offline too. The app is pretty basic but is fine to read with and has bookmark facility and change of font sizes plus the facility to keep notes. It also synchronises perfectly. I have a Fire tablet so used the web browser to read on my tablet and downloaded the app for my phone and alternated between the two, I always landed on the correct page no matter which device I read from.

Once you’ve finished your book, you are asked a few basic questions at the end; did you like it, would you buy it etc and then a few days later an email with a link to a longer survey where you can say more about the book you read.  You can follow Secret Readers on Facebook

I’m doing a full review for the book I received, and will add my review to Amazon when it’s published but it’s not a requirement.  The book was brill by the way, review coming soon.

So there you go.  It’s dead easy to use once you’ve signed up.  The campaign for this month is:

Book Club Fiction

offering a selection including gripping historical fiction as well as uplifting
laugh-out-loud novels.


So, how do I get an invite you ask?  Here’s a link to the sign up page. 

Link to Secret Readers sign up

Click on the link, sign up with your email address and a password and you’re ready to choose your book plus there will be links to download the free app for your device.

♥ Happy Reading ♥


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