B&Bers Behaving Madly by Sharley Scott

It’s my pleasure to be taking part today on the blog tour for B&Bers Behaving Madly by Sharley Scott.  Thank you to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for the tour invite.  Don’t forget to take a look at the other reviews from the bloggers on the tour.

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It’s a whole year now since I read Bedlam and Breakfast, the first book in this series, so was really excited to read the next installment and meet up with all the lovely characters again.

Having said that, this book can easily be read as a stand alone, so don’t worry if you haven’t read the first one. I promise you won’t be left scratching your head and wondering what went before.



About the Book

Running a guesthouse is never plain sailing, as Katie can testify. Eccentric or challenging guests are the usual order of the day. But when a sinister man moves in across the road, the first ripples of unease appear. 

Katie has learned the hard way that a seaside idyll is never what it seems. She and Jason have worked hard at their marriage, but now she has other issues to tackle.

While her new cleaner has proved to be a godsend, she comes with a complicated love life. Then there’s Katie and Jason’s daughters, Emily and Lucy, whose boomerang visits definitely have an ulterior motive.

And what about the threatening man opposite who has taken an intense dislike to Shona, the madcap owner of the adjoining B&B. Shona’s life has always been chaotic, but now it’s verging on disaster.

As the season moves on and guests come and go, Katie fears her daughters have been keeping secrets of their own, while Shona’s troubles come to a head.

When the B&Bers are behaving madly, anything can happen. Can Katie weather the storm?

What I thought

I really enjoyed this second book in the series.  We meet up again with many of the characters from the first book.  Katie and Jason who run their guest house in the little fishing harbour town of Torringham.  Their next door neighbours Shona and Kim, also running a guest house.  I wasn’t too keen on Shona in the first book, I know she’s only a fictitious character but she did go a bit far sometimes with the favours she would ask of Katie.  However all is not well with Shona this time round – something’s bothering her and she’s not for letting on exactly what.  From what Katie can make out though it has a lot to do with their new neighbours across the road.

Katie and Jason’s daughters are more involved in the story this time and there’s a new addition to the staff at Flotsam cottage, cleaner Sarah starts at the beginning of the season, bringing her own surprises into the mix.

As the new holiday season starts there’s the assortment of guests who turn up bringing their own troubles on holiday with them, troubles that often become Katie’s problem too. As the saying goes “there’s nowt so odd as folk”.

So lots of different story threads going on throughout the book – some mysteries only to be revealed towards the end, other threads wrapped up once guests have left. Basically there’s never a dull moment and despite Shona being a little subdued, it doesn’t stop her from causing the usual mayhem, and always involving her longsuffering friend Katie.

It’s a humorous, fast paced story told in the first person by Katie, sometimes it has its touching moments and there’s always something new happening at the turn of every page to keep the reader entertained. I loved it and would definitely give 5 stars for a thoroughly entertaining read.

♥ Happy Reading ♥

B&Bers Behaving Madly

Here is the link to buy the book:  UK Amazon  and US Amazon

Author Bio

While both ‘Devon Seaside Guesthouse’ books – Bedlam & Breakfast and B&Bers Behaving Madly – are fictional, I am a guesthouse owner. Thankfully, we have been blessed with lots of amazing and kind-hearted guests, who are nothing like some of the characters featured in this novel and the subsequent books currently being written in the series. I would be a lot greyer if they were.

Likewise, Jason is quite different to my husband, who I sometimes nickname Victor Meldrew. He is lovely though and has a fab sense of humour, although some of his dryness has rubbed off on Jason.

The books are set in South Devon, in the fictional town of Torringham, which is loosely based on Brixham. If you’ve been to Brixham you may recognise some of the local features, including the seals, fishing industry and the fantastic lifeboat crew, but the businesses, people and a number of settings are fictionalised.

The same applies to the B&B owners featured. Many guesthouse owners undertake work when they move into a property and our current B&B was not an exception. While our previous owners were nothing like Jim and Maureen, this also means we don’t get to live next door to the fabulous Shona and Kim. But we do have many lovely B&B friends. B&Bers are a wonderful and hardworking bunch.

I hope you enjoy both books, which can be read as a series or standalone novels.

My next novel is currently being written. While this won’t be part of the Devon Seaside Guesthouse series, I am sure there will be other books featuring Flotsam and Jetsam guesthouses in the future.

You can find Sharley on Twitter and Facebook

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