Top bookshelf picks of 2019


Last year for my end of year post, I chose to share my top 5 books read in 2018. This year I decided on something slightly different. You might have noticed I have a bookshelf page on the blog where I keep the titles of all the books I’ve reviewed under genre headings. From here the links take you to the reviews.

They’re quite broad genre headings and I do ponder a bit sometimes over which genre is a best fit.

So for this year’s end of year summing up I thought I’d choose one book from each shelf for a best on the shelf award. I will say this year I have had an absolute ball and feel very honoured to have had the opportunity to read so many fantastic stories; it’s like choosing from an array of luxury chocolates trying to decide which ones to pick. So without further nattering here they are:-

Family Drama

A Thousand Roads Home by Carmel Harrington.

This was a hard one because there’s some really good ones in there but this particular book was just a great big hug of a story. It covers some very current topics such as homelessness, single parenting, mental health and poverty, yet does it with humour, sensitivity and love. Here’s the review.


♦     ♦     ♦

Chick-Lit/Rom com

Lucy’s Last Straw by Debbie Viggiano

Chick Lit used to be my go to genre at one time but I do have quite a dry sense of humour. The older I get and the more cynical, it does seem to take a lot to really make me laugh. Debbie’s book ticked all the boxes. As I said in my review Lucy Jones the protagonist in this book has quite an acerbic tongue which made me laugh, along with the situations she got into. A grown up Bridget Jones. Here’s the review.


♦     ♦     ♦

Contemporary Fiction and Humour

Something to Live For by Richard Roper

Ooh it was really difficult to choose one book from this shelf, most of them were just so good. I think this is probably my favourite genre. Books with older protagonists, and by older I mean past retirement age seem to be very much in vogue this year, and you know what, they are some of the best books I’ve read. However after much indecision I decided on Something to Live For, not least because it’s the only book on this shelf by a male author Richard Roper. It’s a funny, sometimes very touching and somewhat unusual story, written with lots of humour and also great sensitivity. Here’s what I thought.


♦     ♦     ♦

Psychological Suspense/Thriller

Lies Lies Lies by Adele Parks

Again all the books on this shelf were brill. I enjoyed them all. There are a few there that really stand out. But…..this one, well. As I say in my review I did find this book quite stressful to read. I thought it was very realistic and I found myself caring about and feeling very anxious for both the main characters as if they were real people. Very sad, but a very tense read too. The review.


♦     ♦     ♦

Historical Fiction

The Lost Ones by Anita Frank

A bit light on titles this book shelf. History was never a popular subject for me when I was at school, though to be honest my school days go far enough back to possibly come under the heading of history. Whenever I do read an historical book I seem to always enjoy them. I chose The Lost Ones because above all, it was a right good spooky ghost story. The writing was excellent and the plot enthralling, I loved every page. Here’s my review.


♦     ♦     ♦

Non Fiction

Critical by Dr Matt Morgan

I do have quite a broad interest when it comes to non fiction. However I have a habit of starting them but never completely getting to the end. If it’s medically related, I’m hooked. I really enjoy anything to do with hospitals, medicine, and the miriad of ills that can affect us. Having the opportunity to read Critical was like all my birthdays came at once. This is a fascinating book, written by a Critical care consultant. His writing is very readable, everything explained so well and a look back in time as well at how procedures and treatments have evolved over time. Did I finish it? Yes! I devoured every single page. Review.


♦     ♦     ♦

So there you go, another year gone. This year has seen me read some fantastic books, not just those highlighted here but all those on my little virtual book shelves. Can’t wait to see what next year brings.

♥ Merry Christmas ♥
Hope Santa brings you all the books you asked for

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