Time for a catch up


It will soon be this blogs birthday. It was September last year when I decided to produce a blog purely for book reviews and at the same time joined Netgalley. Most of the books reviewed on here so far have been ARC’s received via Netgalley and I’ve read some absolutely brilliant books. I feel quite lucky as there are a fair few that I probably would not have read due to my own self imposed restrictions on what I’m prepared to pay for a book. Non fiction in particular can be quite expensive and I often find they’re a bit of a gamble. They sound really good, then I’ll get so far through and I suppose because it’s not actually a story with a beginning, middle and end I often end up never finishing them. Most of the DNF’s on my kindle are non fiction.Sooo as far as Netgalley goes I’ve got my 80% badge, and as I have only one (non fiction 😉) book left to finish and review, my stats on Netgalley are now at 93%. When I finish my last one I’ll have read and reviewed 29 books with just one that I never finished and so therefore declined to review – another non fiction coincidentally.

Time for some older books

Any book blogger or reader for that matter, will recognise the familiar cry of “Too many books! I want to read them all” and I’m no different. So for a time I’d like to leave Netgalley alone and concentrate on some of the books I’ve seen other people review, books that I’ve seen on all the facebook bookish pages that I follow, some of the books that have appeared on Netgalley that have sounded tempting, but because I’m strict and refuse to bite off more than I can chew, have promised myself I’ll catch up with them once they’re published. Plus some of the books by authors I’ve already read and enjoyed.

What’s coming up?

Well. First up will be a review for Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. I’ve just finished it. My daughter lent me her paperback copy. It’s been strange reading a paperback as most of the books I buy and obviously the ARC’s from Netgalley are all e-books. I did read another book a few weeks ago that my daughter gave me but well, I never bothered reviewing it, it really wasn’t my kind of book and to be honest the story could have been told in half the number of pages. My daughter enjoyed it though. It was The Little Teashop of Lost and Found by Trisha Ashley.  I’ve just started The Last Stage by Louise Voss. This is a recently published book and Louise’s latest novel. I spotted it on Netgalley but had other books to read. I read The Old You early last year and really enjoyed it so I bought this one as I didn’t want to miss out on it.

TheLast Stage

Hopefully I’ll have read it by the time a book I ordered from our public library via the app BorrowBox is free to read. I already joined the queue at the library to read this book, then when it was my turn I’d taken another book from Netgalley Home Truths by Susan Lewis (review coming soon) so had to return it and go to the back of the queue. Has anyone else noticed that borrowing e-books from you local library is a somewhat sorry affair. The waiting times for popular books can be weeks and choice and availability isn’t good either.  Anyway it’s A Thousand Roads Home by Carmel Harrington. I also have Beyond Grace’s Rainbow by the same author on my Kindle. It’s been there a while. I did start reading it but couldn’t get into it, maybe when I’ve read this I may well give it another try. As this book touches on a few of the issues also covered in Home Truths mentioned above, it will be interesting to compare and contrast.


I’ll have to read it fast as I have another book from the library on order (bet you I end up going to the back of the queue again). When I finished Me Before You my daughter said you’ll want to read the next one After You. I’m not so sure. One reviewer said that though it’s good, one of the main characters from Me Before You is missing and it was Will’s character as much as Lou that made the story so touching so I’ve decided to leave it a while. Instead I’ve ordered one of JoJo’s other books The One Plus One which sounds really good.

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So there you go. After these, there are still more I want to read before going back to Netgalley, but those daily emails still keep coming through putting temptation my way each and every day. Bets being taken on how long I can stay Netgalley free.

Oh AND……..last but certainly not least, I have my very first EVER real physical paperback proof that I won from the publisher HQ. It isn’t out for publication until December – Boxing Day to be precise, so I’ll be hanging on to that a little longer before reading it and even a bit longer before publishing the review, but I was so excited to get this book.
The Move by Felicity Everett

♥ Happy Reading ♥

NB:   I haven’t even published this post yet and I’ve already requested a book from Netgalley.  It’s a special one though, Postscript by Cecelia Ahern, the long awaited follow up to PS I love You, which….I’ve never read or seen the film.  I requested it on 25 July but haven’t had it approved yet.  I imagine this will be a very popular request so I won’t be too disappointed if my request isn’t approved. Couldn’t resist it – ha!


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