Happy Publication Day #find your something


So delighted with this. As a thank you from the publishers Orion Books to those who reviewed this marvelous book we’ve been given our very own special review quotation to splash about all over the place to help launch the book. There’s been some fantastic marketing around Something to Live For in the run up to publication and well deserved too because its such a lovely read. I think there’s a blog tour coming soon, though I won’t be part of that (I’m a bit of a stay at home book blogger 😉) so some more bookish love to be shared.


So yes, it’s finally here, publication day for Something to Live For by Richard Roper. It really is an absolute gem of a story. If you haven’t had a chance to read it then here is a link to my full review. At the bottom of the review is a link to Amazon so you can go buy it, go on off you go #find your something. It’s also out in hardback so you can go buy it from your favourite Waterstones book shop too.

♥ Happy Reading ♥

Thanks to Orion Books, its been a pleasure being a part of this.

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