The Forget-me-not Flower Shop by Tracy Corbett


About the Book

Evie is busy running the Forget-Me-Not Flower Shop and praying for an uplift in sales as soon as possible. She might be in the market of selling romance, but for Evie a new man is the last thing she needs!

That is until plumber Scott Castillo turns up to fix her boiler. She’s definitely not interested. But then, why does she keep ogling his rather attractive forearms? She’s been fooled before – she isn’t about to fall head-over-heels for some smooth-talker, right?

When he isn’t trying to balance paying the bills with caring for his sick mother, Scott has stepped in to help parent his 18-year-old nephew, Ben. Between that and working full time Scott doesn’t have time for romance. Until he meets Evie…

Love doesn’t always bloom the way you expect but for the customers of the Forget-Me-Not Flower Shop it might just be the perfect time for romance…

What I thought

This was a fairly lighthearted read with several story lines running through it surrounding the different characters that Evie acquaints herself with. She runs a florists that she is currently managing for the owner. However Evie knows the owner wants to sell up and Evie would love to be able to save up enough money so she can buy the shop for herself.

Other story lines running through the book:

Saffy and Josh. Saffy is Evie’s young assistant in the shop, Josh is a young lad from the business next door who has romantic yearnings for Saffy but 1. according to Saffy Josh is geeky and 2. he works for a funeral directors which makes him completely not Saffy’s type but…Josh has enthusiasm and perseverance in shed loads and he doesn’t easily give up.

There’s Scott, the plumber who comes to fix Evie’s boiler in the shop. Scott looks after his mother Billie who requires all Scott’s spare time as she had a stroke leaving her disabled and in a wheelchair completely dependent on both Scott and his nephew Ben. Scott also has responsibility for his young nephew as Scott’s sister (Ben’s mother) has all but abandoned Ben. In the meantime Ben and his girlfriend Amy want to get married which causes consternation all round as they are so young.

Enter Evie’s friend Laura. Laura owns a wedding dress shop and is married to Martin. Laura and Martin are having marital problems and to cut a long story short, Laura manages to get involved with philanderer David Robinson who happens to be Amy’s dad and the husband of Laura’s husband Martin’s tennis partner Patricia. Complicated? Well yes and no, not if you’re actually reading the book.

So anyway there are all these story threads and more besides which makes the book fast paced, funny but does have its touching moments too. You can be laughing one minute but find yourself getting quite teary eyed the next. There is a serious side to the book as well which touches on loss and grief.

Oh and last but certainly not least we can’t forget Marlon. Marlon is a rescue dog that Evie takes in when she decides she needs some loyal company. Marlon plays his role in the book too and is another one who has an eye for the friendly plumber Scott.

It’s a real heartwarming, fun book for the most part and will keep you enthralled to the very end. This is the first of Tracy Corbett’s books that I’ve read and I look forward to reading her other books soon.

♥ Happy Reading ♥

The book is available on Amazon Kindle and at time of posting is only £1.49

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