The Age of Misadventure


About the book

All Georgie Turner wants is to keep her family together. But with her daughter growing up fast, her sister married to a man Georgie hates, and their aging aunt getting more and more outrageous, nothing’s simple.

So when her brother-in-law makes his biggest mistake yet, Georgie sees the chance to reunite the ladies in her life. And after a little persuasion, three generations of Turner women head off on a very unusual road trip. Georgie’s confident that some sun, sea and a bottle or two of prosecco will make this an adventure they’ll never forget.

What could possibly go wrong?

What I thought

After reading Judy Leigh’s début novel A Grand Old Time I was really looking forward to this book. Sadly I wasn’t too keen on it. The characters didn’t gel with me and I didn’t especially enjoy the story.

The story is about 55 year old divorcee Georgina, a beautician with her own business. She has a 24 year old daughter Jade who’s a personal trainer, a sister Bonnie – professional house wife and then there’s Nan – Georgie’s Auntie but they all call her Nan. Bonnie is married to Adie a dodgy wheeler dealer and womanizer, but Bonnie thinks the sun shines out of his proverbial backside. In her eyes he can do no wrong, whatever misdemeanour he commits he can always be forgiven because really, he loves Bonnie (well Bonnie thinks so). That is until he goes one step too far and now he’s got himself in far deeper than ever before, with a real life gangster on the war path who decides if he can’t find Adie then he’ll come after his wife and his sister-in-law instead.

In the meantime Jade has landed herself a professional footballer boyfriend Luis. They plan to share a flat together in Brighton. What better place for Georgina to hole herself up with her sister and Nan to lie low for a while and hide from gangster Beddowes. Jade reluctantly lets them stay in the flat of one of her boyfriends footballer friends who’s currently away, with strict instructions to stay out of the way of her and Luis.

That’s the story. Now the characters, and this is why I couldn’t grow to like the book. Jade and Georgina were OK, I quite liked them. Nan, sorry, she just got on my nerves most of the way through the book. She did come good at the end but up to that point I suffered her character rather than embraced her. She was ungrateful, argumentative and was always moaning. Most reviewers of the book seemed to love her though, ah well.

Bonnie. Oh Bonnie. If I had been Georgina, sister or no sister I think I would have throttled her long before any gangster got the opportunity. She wouldn’t have it that her husband was a complete waste of space or that he didn’t give a damn about her and just saw her as a trophy wife who he could pick up and drop on a whim. She was so lazy too. Her sister did nothing but wait on both Nan and Bonnie hand and foot while they were in hiding in the flat without a moments gratitude. Bonnie spent pretty much most of the time through the book crying and droning on about her precious Adie.

I did enjoy the ending. It was incredibly far fetched but that really didn’t matter as it was all part and parcel of the humour and fitted perfectly. It moved at a faster pace and kept you on the edge, enthralled at how it was all going to end. I just wish there had been a little bit more excitement through the rest of the book.

All in all, for me it was an OK story. I got a little bit bored when they were hiding in the flat, that bit seemed to drag on for too long I thought, but it did have its funny moments. That’s just my thoughts though, and whilst this book wasn’t for me, it won’t put me off reading more from this author as I do like her sense of humour.

♥ Happy Reading ♥

This book is due for publication on Kindle and in paperback on 21 February 2019.  You can pre-order it on Amazon now.

I received an ARC of this book via Netgalley.  With thanks to the publishers Avon Books UK

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