An intro to My Bookshelves

One of the reasons I started this blog was so I could look back and refresh my memory on the books I’d previously read.  As time goes by no matter how good a book was, I struggle to remember the detail of what any given book was about. 

As this blog gets longer it takes an age to scroll through all the posts to find a book title I’m looking for so I thought what I need is an index.  So I’ve made a new page that lists all the titles I’ve reviewed with a link to the review post.  Whilst I haven’t put them in alphabetical order, I have put them under some genre headings to make it a bit easier to find a title that I or you the reader might be interested in.

It’s just a bit of housekeeping to make things a little tidier and easier to use.  I can do website housekeeping, it’s when I have to start flicking dusters around and cleaning in real life that the boredom sets in.  That’s what I like about e-books, no matter how many you accumulate you never have to dust them or the shelves they sit on.

Here is a link to My Bookshelves, you can also find it in the menu up the top of the page there – aptly named My Bookshelves. Oh and, you can also find a link in the side bar too – there’s just no escaping it.

♥ Happy Reading ♥

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