My Christmas Boyfriend


I’m not entirely sure of why I got this book in the first place. It’s not really my kind of book. I’ve been reading it as a fill in between other books but as my copy is a borrowed book from Amazon Prime lending library and as I’ve decided against renewing my Prime membership which ends on 17th November I wanted to finish it before it disappears from my Kindle.

About the Book

A festive and funny Romance, with lots of bad behaviour and Christmas spirit.

After what is going down in history as the worst day of her life – so far – Annie Anderson, finds herself on a train heading home for Christmas.

Going against all the laws of traveling on British Rail, she strikes up a conversation with the angry man opposite. After downing his supply of brandy (residing in a convenient hip flask) they soon discover they have something in common.

He needs a girlfriend and she needs a boyfriend – for Christmas anyway.

In a haze of brandy fumes, she agrees to be his date to a family wedding. In return, he will accompany her home and play the role of her boyfriend for Christmas.
With no regard for her safety, armed only with Dutch courage, and her sense of adventure, she follows him into what can only be described, as the craziest Christmas ever.

Be prepared for Christmas overload

What I thought

The book got off to quite a good start.  When Annie and Liam decided to help each other out by pretending to be each others boyfriend and girlfriend, they first attended the wedding of Liam’s niece.  This part of the book I thought was quite good.  It moved along at a pace and kept me interested.  It had its funny moments and I was enjoying it. 

The next part of the deal was for Liam to go along with Annie to spend Christmas with her family and to pretend that he was her new boyfriend.  They were all lovely characters in the book and they certainly knew how to make the most of Christmas, especially Annie’s mum.  This is the bit where I started to lose interest.  However it is a Christmas story, which isn’t something I am particularly a fan of.  Even so there was a bit of added mystery to the story to do with Annie’s mum and dad plus some sibling rivalry between Annie and her sister to keep things lively.

What did it for me in the end, which I found incredibly irritating was the authors over use of the word ‘grin’.  At one point there was a grin in every paragraph virtually through to the end of the book which became so blatantly obvious that it kind of spoiled the story as I began to focus on predicting when the next ‘grin’ was going to come along instead of losing myself in the plot.  It did show a lack of editing I thought, towards the end.  Other reviewers have criticised it for poor grammar especially with regard to apostrophes.  This wasn’t something I noticed myself but then I am the last person to ever comment on peoples use of apostrophes being grammatically incorrect as I’ve never got my head around them myself.  

All in all it was an OK book but then as Christmas books are not really my cup of tea (or mulled wine) I can hardly complain that I lost interest.  I think I probably would try another book by this author, just not one with a Christmas theme.



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