You Let Me In


About the Book

Nothing has felt right since Elle rented out her house.


There’s a new coldness.  A shift in the atmosphere.  The prickling feeling that someone is watching her every move from the shadows.


Maybe it’s all in Elle’s mind? She’s a writer – her imagination, after all, is her strength.  And yet every threat seems personal.  As if someone has discovered the secrets that keep her awake at night.


As fear and paranoia close in, Elle’s own home becomes a prison.  Someone is unlocking her past – and she’s given them the key…

What I thought

The mood is set right from the off with the prologue.  A piece of advice, a warning from Elle.

If you’re considering letting someone into your house, pause first.  Think.  Think about what it means to give a stranger the keys to your home

She then goes on to describe the kinds of things that a stranger would be seeing, learning about you and experiencing in your home.

The book starts out with Elle returning from a trip to France.  Returning to her luxury home by the sea in Cornwall which she had rented out via Airbnb.  Within the first couple of chapters there’s a feeling of unease, a sense of foreboding hangs around the words like a sea mist drifting in.

We learn that Elle is estranged from her husband Finn and lives alone in her house.  Within the first few chapters we are introduced to her sister Fiona who lives close by and we also meet Mark – Elle’s next door neighbour – not the friendliest of neighbours.

As the book moves on, Elle finds little things in her house that don’t seem quite right, making her more and more on edge.  She is a best selling author who had huge success with her debut novel but is now struggling to even get a start on her new book.  A lot of which is down to the feeling that she is constantly being watched and the insomnia she is suffering.

After an initial great start, I did find this book a little slow if I’m honest.  Possibly that is down to me because I was reading another book at the same time and ended up only reading this a couple of pages at a time.  Perhaps if I’d read in bigger chunks it would have flowed a little better.  However it was definitely worth the wait and the plodding along because the ending was a surprise to say the least.  About two thirds of the way through things started to really pick up with one revelation after another.

The ending was quite tense.  For me there were surprises, ones that I really hadn’t even thought of and while I did suspect who the perpetrator might be, I could never quite work out any reasons.  So a slow build up to a dramatic ending.  I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as Last Seen, the authors previous novel which I read last summer.  For me there were not enough characters in this book and it did centre quite a lot around Elle.

♥ Happy Reading ♥


Available on Amazon currently £2.99 on Kindle, £7.99 paperback

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