The Story Begins

Hello world!  Welcome to my brand new blog.  I’ve had blogs before but this time I wanted one especially for writing about my favourite pastime – reading.  I’m not the world’s fastest reader but I do like a good book and always have one on the go.

I never skim read, so if I’m reviewing a book you can be assured that I’ve read every single word on every single page.  Sometimes the book just doesn’t gel with me but I don’t give up easily and usually read half a book before I decide to give up the ghost.

All the reviews on here will be of books I’ve finished.  There’s no point in knocking a book I didn’t end up reading to the end.  We’re all different and just because I personally didn’t like it very much, doesn’t make it a bad book, so I’ll just leave those for others to review.

So what kind of books will I review.  I think its maybe better to say which genres I really don’t like and never read so if a good who-dunnit or gory crime fiction is your thing well you’ll have to look elsewhere for reviews because they’re just not my thing.  Neither is science-fiction and definitely not Harry Potter.  I sometimes read non fiction and am fond of personal development books, though I never seem to develop much into a super organised, super fit, well adjusted person.  I just end up with a growing collection of half read books.

Rather than mention genres here’s a list of some of the titles from my Kindle collection of “Good Books Read” and one of my best loved and favourite authors is Amanda Prowse. I’ve read quite a few of her books but my no means all of them and can honestly say there’s not a one that I haven’t loved.  So until my next post, which will be a book review – happy reading.

  • The Art of Hiding – Amanda Prowse
  • All The Little Children – Jo Furniss
  • The Daughter – Lucy Dawson
  • Last Seen – Lucy Clarke
  • Friends Like Us – Sian O’Gorman
  • A Very British Coup – Chris Mullin
  • Your Life in My Hands – Rachel Clarke (non fiction)
  • Coco Pinchard (All in the series) – Robert Bryndza
  • Three Weddings and a Scandal (Laura Lake) – Wendy Holden
  • Last of the Summer Moet (Laura Lake) – Wendy Holden
  • A Grand Old Time – Judy Leigh
  • The Legacy of Lucy Harte – Emma Heatherington
  • Free Country – George Mahood
  • The Calico Cat – Amanda James

And many more – but the list is getting a bit long now.




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